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Phases of Venus and evolution of its apparent diameter. (Statis Kalyvas - VT-2004 programme)

Venus apparent diameter plot for 2017-2020

The apparent size of Venus varies dramatically with the Earth-Venus distance, depending on both orbits around the sun. The apparent angular diameter of Venus is between 0.175 and 1 arcminutes. Wikipedia has nice images on that and says that… “the extreme crescent phase of Venus can be seen without a telescope by those with exceptionally acute eyesight, at the […]

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Simple OpenGL output using pyglpainter library

OpenGL programming in Python: pyglpainter

This was a recent hobby programming project of mine for use in a CNC application, using Python and OpenGL. The source code is available at https://github.com/michaelfranzl/pyglpainter . This Python module provides the class PainterWidget, extending PyQt5’s QGLWidget class with boilerplate code neccessary for applications which want to build a classical orthagnoal 3D world in which the user […]

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