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WooCommerce Shipping Plugin “External Fetch”

I just wrote the following¬†shipping plugin for WooCommerce because existing plugins would not cover the case I’m working at. It is available on my github account under the permissive MIT license. https://github.com/michaelfranzl/woocommerce-shipping-external-fetch woocommerce-shipping-external-fetch Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce which HTTP PUTs the cart contents in JSON format to an external web service specified by protocol/host/port/URI, and […]

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no.php – Transparent reverse proxy written in PHP that allows you to not have to write PHP any more

This little project will probably be my only contribution to the world of PHP. The code is at https://github.com/michaelfranzl/no.php This short, single-file, 80-line PHP script is a simple and fully transparent HTTP(S) reverse proxy written in PHP that allows you to never have to use PHP again for a new project, if you feel so […]

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